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La textilera is a young enterprise, dedicated to elaborate and commercialize the necessary clothing to equip different business sectors; taking into account the image that each company seeks to project.

Our services

A good company’s image is constructed based on different aspects; one of them is the clothes’ good quality. We exist to fulfill that aspect.


It is essential for us that our costumers understand the importance of their employee’s image; therefore, we provide consultancy in design and appropriate materials for each company’s requirements.

High-quality materials

We are fully aware of our materials’ characteristics; we know exactly which ones are suitable to fulfill each role’s requirements. For this reason, we use the highest quality national and imported textiles.

Premium dressmaking

The different procedures that are performed in a company represent a normal wear for the clothes we produce, that is why their confection is in charge of experts who work with high quality products to ensure their durability.


From the delivery, there is a 60calendar day guarantee and if there is any inconvenience, the costumer will be able to notify us so we can proceed accordingly.
Your company’s image in our hands

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Other products

We have experience in clothes’ manufacturing for administrative staff, as well as clothes for operative personnel.
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A mix of suitable materials for this field will make your kitchen a pleasant and hygienic workplace.
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When it is about providing comfort to your costumers, the colors and textures are the ones in charge of conveying calmness and wellness.
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The dynamism and ability in this profession depends, partly, on the clothes’ comfort and versatility.
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La presentación personal de sus colaboradores, son la cara visible de su compañía, de ahí su importancia.
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Being a hard job, it is necessary to ensure the workers’ comfort and the materials’ durability.
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General services

The most diligent person in your company must transmit happiness and project a good service.

La textilera in numbers

Satisfied employees

Uniforms made

Costumer Companies
  • “I thank La textilera for its excellent service, willingness and for totally fulfilling our company’s needs. I want to highlight their excellent delivery times and competitive quality in the market; they are always focused towards the best results”
    Xiomara Cleves
    Bancos Falabella, Human Resources Analyst
  • “It provides a fresh air to the companies with sophisticated and high quality designs”
    David Ortiz
    Oriflame de Colombia S.A., hUMAN RESOURCES


Our identity in GLOSSOM

Glossom, which is a virtual platform for visual artists and creators, has published La textilera’s corporate image as an outstanding visual identity project.

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La textilera is certified by Coface as a reliable supplier.

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Is it fashion to follow the trends?

Fashion should not be conceived that way since, as an aesthetic expression, it is represented in the way we live and feel.

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PBX. (+57) (1) 749 5593
ADRESS. Calle 65a # 16-22
CAP 11221
Bogota, Colombia

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PBX. (+57) (1) 749 5593
adress. Calle 65a # 16-22
CAP 11221
Bogota, Colombia


  • Paula Mendoza, visual arts student, passionate about fashion and photography, made Latextilera’s last collection shooting. Look at her work here.
  • La textilera new offices are a reality.